The Homework Mishap (Part 1)

beep, beep, beep.

Tenny looked up from her book. The kitchen timer had just gone off.

She walked into the kitchen and turned it off.

Then she opened up the oven and took out her cupcakes.

Then she set them on the kitchen counter to cool, and walked away.


Ethan quickly drew his hand back.

“Awwww, come on Tenny, just one? You’ve got plenty.”

Tenny frowned. “Did you get your homework done yet?”

“Well, not yet….

“…but I’m going to do it soon!” Tenny raised her eyebrows. “Really?”, she asked.

“Really! I’m going to do it! So can I have a cupcake now? Please?“, Ethan asked.

Tenny sighed. “You can have one after you eat dinner”.

“Fine”, Ethan groaned. “By the way, what is for dinner?”

“Well, it’s leftover night, so you have chicken, salad, or a corn stick”, said Tenny.

Ethan thought for a minute. “I think I’ll have a corn stick”, he said.

Tenny nodded and pointed toward the fridge. “Just pop it in the microwave for about three minutes to heat it up. You can have a cupcake when you’re done eating.”

“Got it”, Ethan said.

After Ethan warmed up his dinner, he took it into the living room and sat down. Then he snapped on the TV.

Tenny had just come back downstairs. “Hey Ethan, can you tell Lea and Sarah that I’m going to the movie theater with some friends and I’ll be back by ten tonight?”, she asked.

“Sure”, Ethan said. “No problem.”

“Thanks Ethan, and remember I’ll be back by ten, so be sure to have your homework done by then.”

“Who made you the boss of me anyway?”, asked Ethan while chewing a piece of corn.

Tenny glared. “Um, Mom, actually.”

“Oh”, Ethan said.

Tenny sighed. “See you later Ethan.” Then she walked out the door.


Ha ha ha! Just joking! I actually would like to know how many of you fell for that!😋 This is actually just part one/introduction of The Homework Mishap! Part two will be coming out soon! You may have noticed that I used some rubber bands to hold the dolls hands in place in a few of the pictures. It’s a little trick I learned recently!😉


Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

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