Linda’s Back!!!

Guess who came home today?


She came home today early!!! Yay!!!

Isn’t she pretty? I LOVE her hair! It’s sooooooooo silky and soft! She came back weaing a hospital gown, socks and a hospital band.

Here’s a close up of the socks. They have each have a little heart on them. Aren’t they cute?

Isn’t Linda pretty? She looks so sweet!

She also came back with card and a hospital certificate. Here is the card. It has some super cute designs on it and says “Get Well Soon” on the front.

Here is the inside of the card!

Here is the certificate.

Here is Linda in her new bed! My Dad and I made this bed together and I sewed the mattress and Blanket! I’m not sure if you can see them but I also made the letters on the shelf. They spell dream.

Here’s a close up of Linda and her puppy Chocolate! (AKA Coca. Credit to my friend’s doll Blaire for that nickname!) I think that Chocolate missed Linda, don’t you?

I’m super happy that Linda is back home safe and sound!

– Jaffa

Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

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