Linda’s Bloggy Day ~Linda’s Tips to Getting an American Girl Doll!

Hey everyone! Linda speaking! And today I am here with my doll Marie Grace, because I am going to be talking about something very important!

How to get an American girl doll! So today, we will be going through my top five tips to getting an American Girl doll!

Now in my experience, some tips will work better than others. And some tips will work better just because of the timing! So don’t worry if any of these tips don’t work for you. Just try another!

Tip No.1: Save Your Money!

That’s right! Just save you money! Pretty simple right? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! How can anyone even stand it!!!! Not being able to spend your money is like… like… not being able to breath!!!!

Well, ok, maybe it’s not that traumatic. But it is hard! Now if you’re like my mom who can easily just keep herself from spending money when she is saving up for something,(I don’t know how she does it!) then this tip will work great for you! But if you’re like me, then you’d better rush to complete any of the next tips before both of your pockets are burning!

Tip No.2: Start A Lemonade stand!

Now this tip is a bit easier if you ask me! Starting a lemonade stand can be a very easy way to earn a little bit of money! I say can be an easy way, because it was so the opposite for me! And I say a little bit of money because starting a lemonade stand will absolutely NOT make you a billionaire!

I had to stand outside for hours, just to make $1! But that was only because Mom kinda felt bad for me, so she bought two cups for her and a friend. But after I went back in, Lea went out to do it and made TEN BUCKS! How on earth did she do that?!

Tip No.3: Start A Pet Sitting Or A Dog Walking Business!

Now this tip will defiantly help you make more then $1! I was able to make a good 50 bucks in one week by watching some of the neighbors’s pets. But I think I had to spend like half of that on getting my dress washed at the dry-cleaners! Let this be known: Never wear a dress or any type of nice clothing while watching Mrs. Millard’s dogs!

I thought that I would try dog walking instead, but that didn’t end well either! I fell in the mud and I even lost one of the dogs! And what’s funny is that Lea was doing it the same day that I tried it, and arrived home without a single scratch! And I’m not even going to mention how much money she made!

Tip No.4: Snow Shoveling!

I tried this tip the other day and quickly learned that trying to shovel snow in the middle of summer, is a bad idea! Why? Because there isn’t any snow! So unless you live somewhere like, the North Pole, I would NOT suggest trying this tip until winter!

Tip No.5: Start An Etsy Business!

Finally! A tip that I’m actually good at! Starting an Etsy Business is a great way to earn money, because all you have to do is make stuff to sell! And I’m great at making things! I don’t remember exactly how much I made doing that, but it was a lot! And if you are interested, here is the link to my mom’s Etsy shop if you would like to see it!

Well, that about raps it up! I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that at least one of these tips worked for you!šŸ˜‰

Good Bye for no-

Hey! Where did Marie Grace go?

Where are you Marie Grace?

Here I am Mommy!

Oh, thank goodne- Wait! Marie Grace! Did you just speak?!


And you can walk by youself?!


But how?! You’re a doll!

Well, so are you Mommy!

Oh, yeah, right. But, maybe we should just keep this between us for now?


Well, NOW that’s about it!

Good Bye for now from me and Marie Grace!

Bye bye!

– Linda And Mini Marie Grace!

Oh, Boy! It sure looks like Linda has quite a challenge on her hands now! How long will she be able to keep the secret about the mini dolls to herself? Tell me what YOU think in the comments below! Oh, and by the way, what did you think of the lemonade stand, and snow shovel? I had a lot of fun making them, but the snow shovel got a little lopsided. And shout out to my mom for taking the picture of me giving Linda the dollar bill!

– Jaffa

Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

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