The Homework Mishap (Part 3)~Finale

“NINE THIRTY!!!”, Ethan screamed, jumping off the couch.

“What’s the matter?”, asked Lea. She followed Ethan into their school room.

He was sitting at the table digging through his backpack.

“Pens, pens, pens…..

Lea tapped him on the shoulder.

Ethan looked up.

“Mind telling me what’s going on?”, she asked.

Ethan looked up at Lea sheepishly.

“Well, I, um, kinda have some homework that needs to be done tonight”, said Ethan.

Lea raised her eyebrows. “Some homework?”, Lea asked, staring at the huge pile on the table.

“Ethan are you really sure you can get this all done tonight? I mean, when is it due?”, asked Lea.

Ethan looked away. “In, like….thirty minutes”, Ethan said.

“What! But it’s a Friday!”, cried Lea.

“Well, Tenny said that I had to get it done before she gets home”, said Ethan.

“But, how are you going to get all of this done in thirty minutes?”, asked Lea.

Ethan shrugged. “I guess, by using a calculator to solve these math problems?”, Ethan asked.

Lea gasped. “But Ethan that’s cheating! You can’t do that!”, Lea cried.

“But what else am I supposed to do?”, asked Ethan.

“I guess, just try to get as much done as you can?”, asked Lea.

Ethan groaned. “Fine,” he said.

After about fifteen minutes, Ethan (with Lea’s assistants) actually got a fair amount of work done!

“Hey Ethan,” Lea said yawning. “I’m kinda starting to get tired, I think I’m ganna go to bed now.”

“Ok,” Ethan said. “Good night Lea.”

“Night Ethan,” said Lea.

It was already ten 0’clock before Ethan realized how tired he was.

come on, come on, Ethan thought to him self, while writing frantically.

134-52=……..uggg, I’ll have to come back to that one! Let’s see…….96= 74 and……and……and……..


It was nearly eleven o’clock, when Lea heard a knock on the door.

She got up and walked down stairs.

Someone was at the door.

Now who could that be? thought Lea.

She quietly opened the door.

Tenny stepped inside. “Hey Lea,” she said grinning sheepishly. “I didn’t wake you did I?”

“Oh, no you’re fin-*yawn*,” she said.

Tenny giggled. “Sorry I’m back so late. We got caught in some really bad traffic coming back, and I lost my key. Is Ethan in bed yet?”

“I don’t know,” said Lea. “He was still down here when I went up.”

“Maybe we should check the school room,” Tenny suggested.

“Ok,” said Lea.

And the moment they walked in there, both of them started to giggle.

“Oh, Ethan,” Tenny said giggling.

“Well, at least he got most of his homework done,” Lea said laughing, while they snuck out of the room.

“Yeah,” said Tenny grinning. “Maybe we should try giving him a time limit again!”

Lea luaghed. “It sure does seem to work!” she said.


Well there you have it! The end of The Homework Mishap! (for real this time!) I hope that you all enjoyed this photostorie, and I’ll be back soon with another one!

– Jaffa

Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

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