Photo Shoots

I took Lea out a couple days ago for a photo shoot. Here’s some of the pictures I took.

Recognize this one? I used it for her profile picture! I really enjoy using the brick wall on the porch as a background in photos.

I also took a few photos of her holding her camera. I had to tape the strap to her hand to make it stay in place.

Once again using the rubber band trick!😉 I think that this one is pretty cute.

This one is really just OK if you ask me. The main thing that I’m not very pleased about, is the fact that you can see the bug trap that my dad set out in the corner!

This is what the part of the porch that I’m using looks like zoomed out.

This is probably one of my favorites! I ended up using this as my profile picture!

It was a little difficult to get Lea in this position, but it was worth it.

Here is Lea admiring some of my mom’s flowers.

Look at how big the plant is compered to her!

Here is Lea peeking over the flowers! Another one of my favorites. It’s sooooo cute! I’m considering getting this one framed for the doll house!

I love this one! Another one I may get framed! Lea looks so pretty beside the flowers! This one is probably my favorite.

There’s a small tree in the front of the house that I used for this photo. It’s just Lea’s size!

Well, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot! I know Lea did!

– jaffa2020

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